10 best pregnancy week by week habits | must for Quarantine 2020 | COVID-19

In this epoch of the coronavirus pandemic, almost every country around the world is locked down, some are partial some are with the advanced measures. In such a difficult time, women carrying a baby are in danger due to a lack of mobility and connectivity. They are carrying the future of humanity, a new life, in their wombs. Before the pandemic, the routine of pregnant women was somewhat similar to the standard protocols, but now it is hard to comply just to that routine.

It is always advised that in an uneasy situation, a pregnant woman can use some emotional support and care. It helps in reducing anxiety. But at the same time, a pregnant woman can make good use of this quarantine by adopting some good pregnancy week by week habits that are beneficial for pregnancy.

1. Reading Good Books

It is said that books are your best friend. Since people have made social distances from each other, how about you pick some of the books out from your shelf and give them a read? The habit of reading is helpful in building yourself as a great human being.

At the same time, it is also a source of good sleep and peace of mind, which are also equally important for the development of an unborn child. You obviously cannot read all kinds of books, you shall pick those which are of positive sense. A pregnant woman should choose and read books full of morality during her pregnancy.

2. Parental Yoga

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling of a woman’s life. But it brings other physical pain and weakness with itself. In such a situation it becomes important for a pregnant woman to keeps her body healthy and strong during the pregnancy. 

Parental Yoga techniques are safe and beneficial for a pregnant woman in order to stay healthy and strong. It is also helpful in providing relief from stress. Click here to find the best parental yoga techniques and how many weeks you should practice parental yoga.

3. Play Board and Dice games

Following the same routine throughout the day can be quite boring. In such a situation, pregnant women can enjoy board games with the members of the house. They are played sitting and which do not have physical activities.

Such games also create a joyful environment which is very important for pregnant women and her baby during such a pandemic. Such games are Snake & Ladders (Moksha Patam), Ludo, Puzzles, Carrom, etc.

4. Listening Peaceful Music

Listening to peaceful music helps in many ways. Music is a deep meditation in itself. It is capable of reducing stress and negative thinking. Sometimes it becomes difficult to bear the burden of thoughts.

The balance between daily life and pregnancy starts deteriorating which is neither good for the pregnancy. Music is beneficial in making better harmony between daily life and pregnancy. Thus a pregnant woman should listen to her fav melodies. It is one of the famous good habits during pregnancy.

5. Food Archive, take help of Grandma

We all know that pregnant women are advised to eat a balanced diet during pregnancy. But due to coronavirus, there is doubt over the availability of quality food from the market. Though the governments have said that the availability of food items will not be distracted, there is a scarcity of availability and convenience.

In such a situation, pregnant women can go with some archived food recipes that are helpful in pregnancy. Homemade dishes will be more nutritious and healthy than outside food.

6. Take Sound Sleep

It is said, “early to bed and early to rise, makes a pregnant woman healthy, wealthy and wise”. So, they are advised to have a sound sleep. Although disturbed sleep is natural during pregnancy, Parental Yoga and reading habits can help in achieving a satisfying sleep.

Due to quarantine time, members of the household can spend more time caring for the pregnant woman so that she feels more secure and can spare more hours of sleep.

7. Keep a decent medical stock at home

So keep essential medicines related to pregnancy at home so that you do not have to run around in the time of need. This situation is very worrying, keep the mobile number of the nearest doctor or any known medical personnel with you.

8. Watch Entertainment and stay away from NEWS

Pregnant women have to spend most of their time resting. And sometimes it becomes very boring. So a pregnant woman can spend some time in the day watching good movies, web series and channels.

I mention good means to avoid watching those channels and cinema which may be harmful to generate bad emotions in mind. A healthy spirit is important to maintain during pregnancy so choose wisely. This will help reduce his anxiety.

9. Talk with family, relatives, and friends

It is beneficial for pregnant women to have positive and interesting talks with family, friends, and relatives. With the help of stable internet connectivity, she can even video call to her relatives and friends sitting far away. Since everyone is in their homes now, it is the best time to ring their cellphones. This will generate positive vibes in her.

10. Prepare unique gifts for baby

A pregnant woman sitting at home can capture the time of her pregnancy in her camera. She can keep these photos safe in a mail/cloud account and when her child gets older, she can gift the account to him/her. She may also stitch cute clothes for baby also. It will relax her mind.

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