Coronavirus treatment – Infographics

Coronavirus (COVID 19) cases in India increased sharply with 29 new cases. The Indian government has been taking all the necessary action to fight with contagion disease. Compulsory thermal scanning of all the tourists coming from abroad has been directed. The health minister advised people not to travel to those countries where the chances of infection are high.

The festival of color, Holi is also coming. The prime minister, Narendra Modi, announced that he will not participate in Holi this year. His intention is clear. He gave a direct message to people that if we want to defeat Coronavirus, we have to take all the precautions. Coronavirus cure is possible. Check the below-listed infographic to get valuable information about coronavirus. Spread this information on your relatives and friends. I am sure after knowing these facts and coronavirus remedy, you won’t be feared. 

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No Need to be panic about Coronavirus. Take care of yourself and family. 

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