What we are missing in Holi?

Holi is the festival of colors that celebrates the victory of good over evil. On this auspicious day, all the communities of the Indian subcontinent come together forgetting all the bad intentions about each other and enjoy this significant day. Due to this reason, sometimes this beautiful festival is known as the “festival of love”.

In the recent past, it could be easily noticed that the interest in celebrating Holi among the communities has been reduced due to some issues. Holi is coming and I want to share a few moments of this beautiful festival which I miss. I am sure you miss them too. They are

Blessings of elders

In India, this is the tradition. But if I am not wrong, this tradition exists everywhere in this world. Blessings of elders are compulsory to start any festival or any special day. You may ask your grandparents about this ritual. They might have told you many times to wake up early in the morning on the day of Holi and expected that you would seek blessings of them. But you were busy yesterday night in chatting and slept very late.

Scientifically you would not get up early. Soon your grandparents have understood that there is no meaning to tell you about these rituals. You ignore them and they had stopped their expectations. This is happening now. If you don’t do it, I am sure that there are few aliens presents in your family who follow this late and ignoring culture. Is this the right way to celebrate Holi or any other festival? Killing our own culture and ignoring our elders! Indeed It is not.

Fine intentions

Every year the perspective of celebrating Holi is changing. If I talk about the involvement of women and children in the Holi celebration, the numbers are drastically reduced. Why? Women’s and children’s safety is a big issue during this festival. We can not read other intensions. During the time of Holi, we all are in the mood of joy and allow everyone to participate in this festival. Some bastards use this time to achieve their evil goals. You have heard about this kind of story on news channels. Haven’t you? This is a shame for our culture. Young married girls apprehend this mostly. Child abuse cases are also bugbeared truth. Unsocial elements carry out these activities and spread fear in the society.

Homemade sweets

This is what I miss the most. Homemade sweets. The preparation for making homemade sweets starts two or three days before the main festival day. Matured men of the family participate in this chef contest mostly. A great relief for the beautiful women of the family. Children help their elders. This is a great lesson for the children to understand the beauty of their culture. But now, this has swiped away from the festivals.

Sweetmakers from the market are benefited now. They had replaced homemade sweets. The sweets from the market are not healthy and pure. But who cares? We just don’t want to waste our time making sweets. We can eat unhealthy sweets for sure. What a great achievement!  Don’t you miss the taste of father’s made sweet or watching him doing the cooking? This is a sad truth about the present conditions of our Indian festivals. You may write in comment box who miss homemade sweets and their local name.


What is the main aim of all festivals? Escalation of brotherhood. But in recent times, festivals like Holi had become the time of spreading unrest. Festivals are above the religions and the medium of connecting people. But now, I may surely say that the lack of affinity is present in society. Nobody is happy to see others. The circle of celebration is shrinking. The connection between the families is in danger. This is affecting the beautiful sights of Holi.

Non-doping celebration

Without liquor, no festival. This is the anthem of the young people of society. Some just wait for Holi, not for celebrating it but for celebrating it with friends and alcohol. Mostly the young generation is working outside of their towns or villages. When they visit their hometown, without alcohol they can not share their feelings and achievements.

Splurging and old memories only ignite when the drop of alcohol fuel goes down to their throats. Is this the right way to celebrate festivals? The meaning of the festival is to bring the family, friends, and relatives together. Doping can not help you with this. But this became the trend during Holi. Weeding and alcohol are famous doping trends during the Holi season. Goog good, continues!


Doping surely makes you hyper. This is proven. I am not writing it from my mind and hyper people don’t like peace. Playing music on the loudspeaker and faltering dance is fav relish nowadays in Holi. Then you may think that how peace and harmony come during this festival? It is impossible to create a peaceful environment like this. In some parts of India, people use crackers to celebrate Holi. I have a question for them. To whom they want to perorate their cracker’s message?

Natural colors

This is one of the major reasons why people have stopped celebrating Holi. In the markets, colors are made by chemicals and when we use them on our body we are unable to clean them. In some cases, infections and itching could be noticed. Why did we stop using natural colors in the Holi celebration? Is it necessary to color others with a chemical?

Once I have heard from an old person that in the past, turmeric powder was used for coloring others. I was surprised. I never celebrated Holi with turmeric powder but if it could be possible I would have loved it for sure. Gulal is a good option and easily available in the market. But people don’t use it. I miss Gulal. It is available in many colors and mostly doesn’t harm others but no, people want chemicals.

Holi folk songs

Folk songs are the real rhymes to describe the historical data of any festival. Singing these songs develop a coherent and healthy atmosphere. Actually, folk songs are the heart of any culture. Nowadays, these dulcet folk songs are extincted. New remix and pop Indian local songs replaced them. Playing them on loudspeakers and creating a noisy environment kills the actual joy of Holi.

These are the points which I literally miss during the season of Holi celebration. People complain that I don’t participate in this festival. But trust me guys, the above-mentioned points are main reason behind this. If you miss all of them, then please bring the old aura of this colorful festival. Celebrate Holi 2020 with the way it is. Some cultural events don’t need changes. Happy Holi 2020. Thank You

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