What made Facebook boring ?

Why Facebook is boring now?

2010, for the first time, I used Facebook. It was the time when Orkut was the only famous social app. Android was just entered into the market. Nokia was the top mobile brand and the memory card was necessary to buy for extra storage options. What a beautiful time it was. Facebook was in its baby phase at that time. Simple and fast.  Everybody liked its entry into the market. It gave a chance to put the user’s picture as a profile picture. A really cool option. Till today it has not been changed. Slowly facebook swiped up Orkut from the market and the internet became the part of life. 

But today, in 2020, people avoid using Facebook. Why? Is it the closing chapter of this app who introduced the coolest feature of the social sites? What changes made by Facebook in these 10 years? Who is responsible for it? Let’s discuss all the causes which made this app boring.

1. Advertisement

It seems that Facebook is now a platform for showing ads. When a user scrolls down on the timeline of it, in one scroll there are plenty of ads. This makes this app boring. Facebook has distracted from its theme, Social connection. Now it is more business-friendly. Digital marketing companies are more active on social networking sites. Facebook ads are one of their major marketing strategies. Any new app or anything whose owner wants to build an audience, Facebook ads are a good marketing platform. Recently Facebook launched auto-play video ads option also. It clearly indicates that Facebook is more stressed on how to absorb maximum data of a user, knowingly or unknowingly. One arrow, two targets policy. This is ridiculous.  

2. Fake News

In the recent past, the flood of fake news on Facebook is another shortfall for this social app. Competition among the big internet stakeholders opened the opportunity for the availability of internet data for the users. The agenda behind this was to create a world where the knowledge and opportunities can be reached to the maximum population. But the percentage of misusing the data is higher than those who are using it in the correct way. Now spreading fake news on social media platforms is common. Facebook became a useful tool to achieve some hidden agendas through fake news.  This also hit the interest in using Facebook for users. Facebook launched Facebook lite to make it more user-friendly but a user can’t stop fake news on their Facebook wall.   

3. Unwanted menu options

When you do Facebook login, just go through the menu options on the main Facebook wall. You would be surprised that there are thousands of options available on the wall. Why? Do you use all of them? I don’t think you do. Hardly a few people use them. Why Facebook can’t make it simple? Facebook marketplace, video on watch, events, gaming, jobs, city guide, find wifi, movies, etc are some unwanted options available on Facebook. I don’t understand why they exist on the Facebook wall. This is one of the main reasons to lose interest in using Facebook. 

4. Facebook Libra

Why Facebook wants its own currency? I am mentioning this because it is human philosophy. Facebook should understand what its users want from it. Do they want any Facebook currency? It is something like Bitcoin. In many countries, Bitcoin is not legal and the maximum population doesn’t believe in internet currency. The announcement of Facebook Libra currency built a mindset in its users that it is something like Bitcoin. When a major social platform announces this kind of decision, I am sure it hits the interest of its users. Internet currency might be a visionary step but dear Facebook, it will not work on a social app.

5. Facebook Monopoly

Recently Facebook bought WhatsApp. Earlier Facebook bought Instagram. What next? I think Facebook has been afraid of competition. Would you like to go to see an arena where the only one contender participates? You might get bored watching him. The same thing is happening with Facebook. Facebook is throwing money on those competitors who are giving it a great market fight. Instead of making it more user-friendly Facebook is buying them and wants to be the only contender in social media. This reflects it’s monopoly theme. Facebook should understand that without competition it would be hard to attract the audience. 

These are a few major reasons why Facebook is losing its users. If you liked my blog, then please share and support my writing. Thank you 

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