Success : Easy three steps

Hello Friends! This is the topic I shall cover today. This is also the formula of active life. A successful person mostly states that there is no formula for success. But I oppose this statement. I found something common among all the successful people. I got this formula from my father. Believe me, this is the most effective and yet unknown formula for getting success. It is very simple and easy to understand. It is like the roots of a tree. You can not see the roots until you dig it. So, here it is! Very simple and very deep-rooted inside us.

I divided this formula into three parts. Read one by one and try to relate it to your thoughts and life. You will get the answer.

1. Ideate

This is the first part of this formula. Here ideate refers to your thoughts and ideas. 60% population of this world has been entrapped in this stage. Their plans change every day. Today they want to become a doctor and tomorrow they want to become a superhero.

 It’s quite funny and confusing. Isn’t it? They waste most of the time in this process and get nothing in return except regret. This path leads them into the darkness of stress, depression, desperation, and unsuccess. Don’t link the success by earning money, car or other material things only. This part of the formula is linked with every action or idea of your mind. Thoughts and ideas come to our mind before doing anything. So It is for every action.

This part of the formula says that “centralize your thoughts and ideas. Pick up the best one which can give you happiness and satisfaction. Give this idea a name “Your Goal or Aim” of life. The rule of this part of the formula is “You can not change your mind once you choose your goal”. It should not take much time to decide what is your goal. You have it in your mind already. It has been living inside your mind since your birth. You just need to recognize it.

It is very easy to decide what is your goal. In simple words, your goal is, which can make you fly like a free bird and can give you happiness and joy. 🙂

2. Contemplation

Once you have decided on your goal, this is the second part of the formula. 30% population of this world know their goal and target to achieve in their life but they have entrapped in this process. This stage of formulae is really hard and would waste your maximum time of life because it would bring the thought of becoming a failure, negativity, stress, depression, etc.

I believe that this stage prepares you to make stronger and confident against the problems which would come in the way to achieve your goal. Mostly what happened, negativity covers all your strength and confidence. You just don’t need to be despair. A person who can stand and fight again and again is a true hero. In this stage you have to decide what would be the advantage or disadvantage would come in your life during contemplation.

In this stage, different results would come in your mind and you have to choose which one can justify your aim of life.

3. Execution

Don’t sit and wait now. Go and do hard work to get your contemplated goal. This is not the time to look back and think again. You have to sweat to achieve your target otherwise you would die with regret. This is the stage where you can prove yourself. Don’t care about the world either you choose a wrong path or a correct one. Sufficient time had been given to you in the contemplation stage for deciding what would be the result of your execution. Never give up.


In one line success is “Execution of your contemplated plans which were the result of your ideas.”

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