Novel Coronavirus: A new Contagion threat

Earlier this Sunday, 02/02/2020, I was reading The New Sunday Express Magazine comes along with the newspaper, The Indian Express. On its front page, a detailed contagion crisis in human history was published. It has started with a crafted story of K Khan Janibeg, chief of the Golden Horde who’s army faced the formidable situation of plague in Cremia in the 13th century. Soon the plague killed almost 200 million people. This story forced me to think about the situation we are facing today. Outbroke Coronavirus had killed 200 people till now. The first case of this terminal disease came just before the starting of the new year 2020. On 31st Dec 2019, novel coronavirus reported for the first time in Wuhan, a city of China. 

What is Novel Coronavirus?

According to WHO, coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause many common to severe illness symptoms. These viruses are zoonotic type, that means they transmitted between humans and animals. WHO believes that they have come in humans from Civet Cat or Dromedary camels. Another prominent newspaper, The Hindu, published that the virus likely originated in bats. These families of novel coronaviruses mostly found in these animals. There are many other animals too but they haven’t transmitted yet to humans. 

How Novel Coronavirus spread into humans?

We should not surprise how novel coronaviruses transmitted into the human body. We all know about China. There are a few animals left on this planet that hasn’t been digested in a Chinese citizen’s stomach. They have tasted almost every meat. Mentioned species of cats and camels also found in China too. HIV, Bird flu, Anthrax, Ebola, Malaria, Rabis and now Novel Coronavirus. These are the best-known examples of the zoonotic type of disease. 
I don’t understand that history gives us a thousand examples of the epidemic spread. The article published in The Indian Express also pronounces how the plague spread in the 13th century. Why we as humans, super developed species on this planet, repeat our mistakes again and again? Our closeness with other animals is dangerous. It is not fruitful neither for us nor for them. Humanity doesn’t mean to eat them for hunger.

Humanity doesn’t mean to pet them and keep them at home for killing our loneliness. They would be happier if we don’t destroy their habitats. Let them live in their home. Don’t forget human has two sides of the face. One is covered with humanity and the other hidden is covered by satan. The more interaction people will make with other animals, the chances of uncovering satan will be more.

Symptoms of Novel Coronavirus

Common Coronavirus effects are sneezing, fever, cold, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In starting it is hard to recognize Novel Coronavirus infection. In severe cases, it may cause kidney failure, pneumonia, and even death.

How to protect yourself

The followings are simple and effective measures to protect yourself from this disease. Remember one thing, Coronavirus is an incurable disease. As we know, for any zoonotic disease Prevention is the cure. The same cure applies to Novel Coronavirus. The below-written measures should be taken for prevention.
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap
  • Wear masks in the infected area
  • Cover your mouth and nose before sneezing
  • Maintain social connection ( 1 Meter distance from others as per WHO guidelines)
  • Seek medical help as soon as you find symptoms
  • Avoid traveling to infected regions
  • Avoid raw and undercooked meat

I hope you like the useful information given in this blog. Nothing is better than a healthy body and mind. So keep yourself fit and healthy. Do yoga, workout and eat healthy food. Health is true wealth.
Thank YOU!

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