How we can beat religious terrorism?

How we can beat terrorism?

Terrorism is the final figure of calculated and well-designed violence to create an atmosphere of conflict to achieve a particular political, religious, social or cultural agenda. To conquer terrorism, we need to understand its basic roots where it has thrived. It is not a one-day creation. Terrorism takes time to flourish like a tree. If we connect it with human philosophy, we might be able to get all the answers. Inequality is one of the key bases of this planet. Everybody is different from others. Humans are also different and most developed species on this mother earth. In the early age of human development, a small population was not able to understand the discrimination among each other. Why? Because there was not such a big population. No big population means no religion. No religion means no inequality in culture. No inequality means no conflicts. No conflicts mean no zealotry. 

What I am saying here is that the growing numbers of humans were the main birth cause of discriminatory religious and political ideology. I am not blaming the grown population for that. We can control the population but the discrimination which has already seeded in the mind of the communities can not be conquered easily. Today there are tons of religions in this world. The prophets who started these religions were great intellectual souls. Their motto was clear. Making this earth a peaceful habitat for everyone. But everyone doesn’t think like a prophet.  Their followers moulded the teachings of them according to their personal benefits. This is the point where today’s zealotry terrorism had started. Every religious leader started proving that their religion teaches the right things in life and it is compulsory to follow them without asking any question. And those who would raise their voice, be ready to face the violence. This is how religious terrorism has started. Today the situation is worse and not under control. People, countries are burning in the fire of terrorism. Later, some developed countries used this religious violent unrest for their economic benefit and they are continuing with it. 

Now I wrote the main problem here. What should be the solution to this epidemic of religious terrorism? Let’s discuss in brief

1. Education

Here I am not mentioning the education which we get in schools and colleges. The actual education is in the hand of parents and family. This is the education which shapes us as a human. A good and prosperous atmosphere at home can teach valuable teaching in life. Kids should understand that humanity is above all religions. Everybody is free to follow any religion, but he should read or understand the main theme of that religion. And let me assure you that every religion is beautiful. It teaches humanity in their own structured way.  This an accurate weapon against the fight with terrorism. 

2. Poverty Control

Being poor in this century is a big crime. People are judging others based on money nowadays. Not Everyone but mostly. This creates an environment of discrimination and people lump it. Slowly it starts developing the fermentation among the discriminated people and when the right time comes, a violent act takes the control. This is how poverty can push terrorist activity. It is the main responsibility of the government to provide enough resources to their citizens to terminate poverty. 

3. Strong judicial system

It is well said that without fear of a strong and developed judicial system, the concept of a crime-free society can’t be achieved. Setting an example of the best legal judgement against any crime can help to fall that particular crime graph. Justice is above religion. In the aspect of terrorism, terror funding and training of the fighters are key resources to build a terrorist organisation. To forfeit both aspects, a strong judicial system can play a vital role. Fast and furious judgement against terrorist activities should be implemented. An international organisation like the United Nations could handle international matters with transparency.  

4. Unanimity

In the recent past, it has seen that countries are not together against terrorism. Blaming each other is common now. I don’t understand why it is hard to accept the truth. It is the responsibility of the countries to support each other to fight with terrorism. Violence doesn’t have a friend. If the terrorist activities are operating from the soil of a country, then it is the prime duty of that country to respond against it and tell the world of its origin. Hiding these facts behind the mask of religion shows and establish an arch persona. The unanimity of the countries to conquer terrorism is a very crucial tactic.   

5. Respect other religions

Every religion has written to make this world more beautiful. Religion teaches humanity. In this technological world, we are more close to other culture and religion. We should use this opportunity to understand the other’s culture and religion. Misinterpretation is the main cause to spread hate against any religion. We should not forget that we have own instinct to make our ideas about others. No religion teaches to spread violence. Use your brain before reading and making your decision for any religion. We all are brothers and sisters. Killing someone for the sake of religion reflects your undeveloped mindset. Respect each religion. We are kids of this mother earth and our mother, earth, never divided us into religions. 

Hope you like the solutions I posted here. You might have read them in your life before. But we are forgetting them now and are being specific. Today the world needs a peaceful environment. Let rewind these ethical value and spread them. Follow my blog and keep appreciating.  Thank YOU!

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