8 Reasons How Yoga is Better than Gym – Yoga vs Gym

Yoga vs Gym

What an interesting question this is which is better – Yoga vs Gym? It is an obvious question for every fitness lover. The human body is a great chemical factory. It is complex as well. To keep it healthy and long-lasting, we try our best. But when we decide to come out from our comfort zone, normally we get confused about such questions.

Gyming is a new trend in the fitness market. Young people are passionate about this gyming culture. School or college sports grounds are empty now. The gym has sucked all the traffic. Humans are like rats. We follow each other blindly.

Though we have a great developed mind, we don’t use it mostly. We just follow.  I am not blaming Gym. It is good. In fact, every physical activity is good. But I am here to tell you all the aspects of yoga that make it more considerable over the gym. Here are some of them

1. Yoga creates a balance among the mind, body, and spirit

Don’t look at yoga as a flexibility tool only. It not only strengthens your body but also it creates a perfect balance with your mind and spirit. It pours a natural diet of positive energy in your spirit and mind. Whereas a gym workout is focused on building muscles only.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [1], Gym [0]

2. Yoga fix your inner and outer body perfectly

Yoga practices are beneficial for the digestive system, the circulatory system, the cardiovascular system, the lymph system and more. It drains out all the toxic elements from the body and improves the efficiency of the body system.  The cardiovascular system helps to make stronger muscles. This is what you want in the gym. Better, stronger muscles.
Isn’t this?. Sweating in the gym just helps in strengthening muscles and boosting cardio.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [2], Gym [0]

3. Learn acceptance through yoga

There are many strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Sometimes it becomes hard to accept the way we are. This leads us to stress in serious cases. Accepting yourself is an art and yoga teaches you this art perfectly. Yoga start working from inside. It gradually will take you to that phase where you would accept yourself completely. Here I don’t mean you wouldn’t get over your weaknesses.
Yoga definitely will work on weaknesses and would make you more be yourself. It is a technique to learn self-acceptance.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [3], Gym [0]

4. Yoga will award you a lean and flexible body

Don’t develop a myth in your mind. Yes, most people have accepted the myth about strengthening muscles. It is common to say that the gym strengthens muscles. Seriously? Gym weights only bulk up muscles. Stretching makes your muscles stronger. In yoga, practice stretching is the main part. A yogi stretches every muscle of their body through yoga poses. So my dear friends, don’t live with a myth.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [4], Gym [0]

5. Yoga teaches what is the perfect weight to lift

Yoga pivots on your body. Through different asanas, it teaches that your body weight is the perfect weight for building, stretching and toning your muscles. In yoga practice, you learn how to use your own body as weight. Whereas in gym classes you lift weight equipment. This sequestrates your muscles flexibilities and makes them weak. Remember the myth.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [5], Gym [0]

6. Yoga teaches breathing

This is one of the most important lessons of Yoga. The amount of oxygen to inhale and the amount of CO2 to exhale is necessary to understand if you want to stay fit longlasting. Generally, we are not serious about this aspect of breathing. We think that we are lucky to breathe and we just breathe.
But everything is countable in this universe and Breath is not an exception. Breathing is your fuel for running this body. The numbers of breathing are fixed for everyone, according to their body and yoga teaches you to control your breathing. It teaches how and how much to breathe. The gym can never teach you this.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [6], Gym [0]

7. Yoga is a kind tool for your body

Sometimes when we watch a video of a yogi doing Ashtanga (a yoga style).  We make an aww moment. We think that the person who is showing this style would feel pain while doing this. Because the poses in yoga are really tuff to look.
But trust me if you would ask them how you feel while doing this. They would answer that it fills them with joy and positivity. Yoga is extremely kind to the body. It generates heat and works on muscles. This is the natural way to get permission from the body that what you are doing and what you can accept. On the other side, lifting weights in the gym can cause you serious injuries.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [7], Gym [0]

8. Yoga reduces stress and improves concentration

Stress is common now. We easily get stressed nowadays. We lose our concentration easily too. This harms our personal life a lot. To generate positivity in your body, yoga is the perfect way to fight with stress. How does it work? The finest thing about yoga is it makes you calm. This is how it produces a great amount of positivity inside your body. Calmness is the mother of concentration.
Can you learn this art in the gym? I am sure you can not. There only you can tone your body, not your mind and spirit.
Yoga vs Gym = Yoga [8], Gym [0]

If something is left to cover about yoga, please feel free to write in the comment box. Share this article as much as you can. Yoga is the way of life. It should reach to every corner of this world so that a better developed and healthy human race can live on this beautiful planet. Thank You!

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